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  • The Enforcer
    replied to Vaccine Mandate
    - Mandates are not laws

    - COVID is a strain of severe influenza

    - The government is using this flu bug to create a mass panic

    - This is in order to impose & exert control over the masses

    - To do so, Uncle Sam now blackmails people to take the...
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  • Um..okay...?

    & what'll they be looking 4 or hope 2 find?

    I never advocated or implied any physical violence against said "idiot bastard dirtbags" - that's just how Allah created & molded them & will bring them to justice - why, as often asked, is a matter...
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  • There's no ending an argument with u, I see lol

    The sheikhs I know share these very same opinions with me but because of the office they hold are obliged to be far more soft-spoken - unless absolutely necessary

    May the Most High grant me the strength to overcome the evil from...
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  • First, why do you so badly wish to see me arrested or dead? Honestly, I'm normally way too careful & diligent anyway to allow these variables to transpire

    Did have plenty of situations in the past which got physical with the police involved & never did the tables turn against me...
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  • I am Muslim, in English - "Submitter" to God's Will by His Grace

    My faith does indeed allow me to protect private concerns & take actions against those who trespass against them - while not stepping outside the bounds of Sharia (God's Legislations) myself when on duty
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  • All valid points sir

    But therein lies the stereotype:

    Few crappy guards & now every guard is a lousy, no-goodnik

    & the whole "fear of liability" thing puts the criminals in control & has everyone else by the balls (

    All I can...
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  • Soper, I'm honestly against even wearing a badge unless my employer insists on it

    In consideration of ur comment, I am unable to be a policeman due to my faith (cannot swear an oath to protect a man-made document, which they don't anyway lol - as well as a plethora of other reasons)...
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