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  • Part of the problem with the security industry is that it's very difficult to produce useful metrics; you'll never be able to show how many potential thieves you deterred, how many slip-and-falls you prevented by taking note of the slip hazard and putting up a sign, how many criminal acts you prevented...
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  • I'll play devil's advocate. I was a guard for a long time, and I'm now an operational, client-side role. It's entirely possible that your department/organization is looking to re-evaluate whether they can cut back on security staff, and your boss may be trying to protect you by not presenting the image...
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  • Consolewatcher
    replied to Special Police?
    From what I understand since private citizens cannot carry firearms in DC (including security guards), the SPO program was basically a way for public and private agencies to be able to have armed security guards, and usually have no intention of having them do anything law enforcement-related.
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  • There appear to be two issues: 1) If you are using things like red/blue lights and/or sirens, you run the risk of impersonating a peace officer, even if the equipment isn't banned by vehicle regulations. If a security guard (or any other employee) goes up to someone on foot to talk to them, the person...
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