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Need advice for Wireless alarm system

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  • Need advice for Wireless alarm system

    Ok let me set the stage for this... I got an email from the CEO's assistant and she wanted my help with the CEO's daughter’s new apartment, she's coming to my neck of the woods for collage. This falls under "all other task deemed necessary" and really I am quite honored that he would trust me with her safety. Wish I would have been involved when she chose to get a ground floor apartment.

    Anyway she wants to be able to arm and check on the system from her iphone and I want contacts on all doors and windows and no IR's for future pets. I want her to get a dog it’s my counter offer to a tazer. Plus she may want to move to a better location when she sees how living close to campus is well dangerous. All of these things are found in the DMP XTL™ Wireless Security System and I have a company who will install for just under a thousand with the extra contacts I want.

    So my question is what are the draw backs to cellular wireless? I don't have or plan to get a system of my own so I have never researched anything but hard wire warehouse and retail systems and have no experience with home systems.

    If you have one of these please chime in with your ideas.

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    I'm sure DMP is good, though I've not used it personally. I would use a Honeywell Vista 20 myself. All the wireless features you need. Using Total Connect ( )you can get status and arm/disarm from anywhere, via any web device (phone, pc, etc) or text. You can get a 2 way voice remote for her car, so she can get status as she pulls up to the house. A keychain panic for the walk from the car to the house. If you're concerned, have her keep that in her hand until she's sure no one's there, goes to the bedroom or whatever.

    As far as cellular, with AlarmNet it transmits over GSM cellular, GPRS and SMS, so a lot would have to go wrong for it to fail. More secure than land line phone. I don't know if DMP's cellular has all that.

    Really, look for features. Pound for pound, all the major alarm brands are reliable, one is not more so than another. DMP, Honeywell, DSC, Napco, etc.
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      Integrator nailed it. IMHO, go with his recommendation.

      Of course, there's SO much more to this girl's security in college than installing this system - and I've noticed a tendency for young people, especially, to place way too much reliance on technology. Probably natural since they've grown up thinking tech is where it's at.

      Hopefully, you're talking to her about the dangers of the college bar scene, parking safely on campus, not jogging or going to isolated places alone, scheduled "check-in" times with her family, and a host of other issues that are probably more critical to her safety.

      I agree that it's too bad she's chosen a ground floor apartment. On the other hand, kids in second-floor units tend to think they're safer and leave their sliders unlocked, so...whaddya do?
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        Although there are lots of system in the market as per your requirement. I suggest you to also check homesecuritystore dot com website for relevant product. I already purchased an 8 channel system with lots of features at good rates.
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