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Twitter improving data security by its URL Shortener

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  • Twitter improving data security by its URL Shortener

    Twitter is a very popular social network and decided to enhance users’ security by implementing useful techniques on data protection.

    Twitter is testing a new service called “” as a URL Shortener (like in order to improve its performance and strengthen users’ security against Phishing attacks. This new service aims to increase security and relevant analytic services of the company’s promoted Tweet platform.

    Tests on how the URL Shortener will function have been completed. A link in a computer will be displayed as normal but on Twitter will appear wrapped as in a mobile.

    Additionally “” is likely to implement competitors’ features such as and offer track statistics and custom domains for corporations. The users, of course, have the ability to use any service they want.

    This effort aims on both functional and security improvement, considering the high number of phishing attacks that targeted twitter users in the past months.
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    There are lots of website using these URL shortner services even Google is also providing these types of serves. There are lots of advantage of using url shortening services that it makes the affiliate link easier to read and retype, and to avoid the stealing, it cloaks the affiliate information.
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