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Greetings from hackers!

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  • Greetings from hackers!

    We often call them Piratecrackers, Yourhackers and Slickhackerz, and they can reveal whatever user data someone may ask for, by only paying a small fine.

    Although this “transaction” is illegal, many hackers advertise themselves on the internet using the following phrases: “Spy on your wife!” or “Who is spying on you” etc.

    IT security expert Kevin Mitnick, revealed some of the ways hackers may act. Most of them use social engineering techniques rather than electronic means.

    Kevin Mitnick created a fake e-mail account and requested from a hacker to break-in, claiming that the account belonged to his girlfriend. Then the hacker asked him a few questions regarding his girlfriend (name of her best friend etc.).

    Later on the hacker sent an e-greetings card to his girlfriend, pretending to be from her best friend. This e-mail contained a link that she should follow in order to read the greetings card. Unfortunately this link directed the e-mail recipient (girlfriend) to a virtual environment that was similar to the e-mail provider’s environment, requesting from the user to re-enter his login credentials, in order to read the e-card. Off course those credentials were stolen by the hackers and delivered to the man who paid for them.

    In order to prevent falling victim to this kind or similar attacks IT Security Experts advise checking the browser address bar to confirm you are on the correct web page and not a similar one.

    Source: Trust-IT
    IT Security Intelligence

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    That is a simple phishing technique and there is absolutely nothing high-tech or new about it. Hell, in high school my friends and I phished our friends myspace password using practically the same technique.
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      There are various ways by which hackers can hack you password, sending attachments, or asking you to log in on any account. One of my friend used the above method to hack the password of his rival. So yes beware of fake links which look similar to original ones with copied pages.
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