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Lenel VS Keri ACS

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  • Lenel VS Keri ACS

    Which do you prefer ? i like Lenel because it has a nice database with pics/info you can pull up, nice format...

    Keri is okay, i have worked only two sites with it, but it is less detailed.. just basically name, points the person has gone through with their cards..
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    You know, I've worked multiple sites with proxim cards. Guess where the control software was? Running in a closet in the (someone who doesn't care)'s office. Usually the system hasn't been touched in 1-2 years.

    The only time I ever saw a PC that was running alarm or access control software was in 1994. It told us if someone had breached the classified areas.
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      I've used Keri Systems for 7 years, and have about 400 doors controlled with it, including 2 systems with about 90 doors each, and about 6 sites each. Most of my systems are 4 to 15 doors though a bunch of 1 to 3 doors also.

      It's a very simple system for the end user, and I can generally walk them through steps over the phone, when they haven't done something in a while. More than half my customers regularly are adding users, changing access levels, etc, so they interface on a regular basis. Also, it doesn't require a dedicated pc.

      I've worked with many systems in nearly 16 years in the industry, and it's by far the easiest I've encountered. I service 3 or 4 other brands on a regular basis.

      That being said, it has it's limitations, though they are working on new, more advanced software. Though the current Doors (tm) software can technically handle 256 doors, 256 sites, 65,000 users & unlimited access groups; it really shows those limitations when you have a couple thousand users, and 50 or 60 doors. Our larger systems started as small ones, so who knew.

      Hope that helps.
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        Lenel, has been the best of the bunch I have worked with so far. it runs off of Oracle system on site. Great for making badges and searching for photos names etc.
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          Lenel is Stable

          I've not use Keri. But I've been using Lenel for the past 4 years with little problems.

          The hardware (controllers) is very stable. It never hang or malfunction.

          The software is very stable too except I have some issue with the timezone recently. The alarm monitoring always reflect "future" timing. It was resolved only after downgrading my OS to a lower version as my supplier claims that Lenel does work well in newer versions of the Windows OS.

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            Gloria_00748 is in charge of running a Lenel system at a large university here in Montreal. Gloria are you there? Add your comments!
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              I'm here now....

              Yes, I do work with LENEL as our central security system. We have approx. 650 card readers, in the thousands for door monitoring, PC Tabs for computers… and cameras. It's great to use, but like software, we do run into problems.


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                For basic down and dirty access control system (ACS), I would recommend Keri. I installed it a half dozen times in my installation days with no issues.

                For a more robust security mangament system (SMS) application where the ACS is used to monitor alarms, integrate with CCTV, biometrics, or intercoms, Lenel is a good choice. Their recent aquisition by UTC will ensure that they stay on the technological edge.

                Good luck,

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