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  • The Report about undertaking the experienced test. page1

    The Report about undertaking the experienced test: Reef String-202 and Carnet-3 in Kazakhstan radio security before 100 km. without extra retranslation.

    Together with holding of presentation of systems a Reef String RS-202 and Carnet-3on exhibition "Prevention, Salvation, Help EVRAZIYA 2005" October 13-15 2005 in city Almaty, Kazakhstan, were organized experienced test the systems in extreme condition.
    The Organizers:- - TOO "TEСHINFOSEKIYURITI" (g. Almaty, Kazakhstan), representation to companies Alitonika on system Rif String-202 in Kazakhstan organization and undertaking to presentations, access on objects of the installation, montage to base station and transmitters.
    - A Group of the companies Bug-Balt (g. Moscow, Russia), representation to companies Alitonika on organizations of the dealer networks of the systems Rif String-202 in Russia and country C.I.S. completing, supply and adjustment base station, chief-montage, technical consultations
    Purpose of the experienced test:
    Check to capacity to work of the systems Rif String-202 and Carnet-3for organization site radio security object of premises and motor transport in volume of the city and suburb in condition to powerfully rough mountainous terrain with swing of the heights more than 800 m., and hilly steppe with swing before 50 m

    The Particularities of the undertaking the experienced test:
    Not accidentally for undertaking the test was chose exactly Almaty - this city is located on border of the mountains directly and hilly steppes. Such unique location allows within the framework of one series experiment to check capacity to work of the systems Rif String-202 and Carnet-3in all possible condition of the relief and in condition of the large modern city. In experiment was used equipment and software of the system Rif String-202, the past special adjustment in Group of the companies "Bug-Balt". An organized experiments were In the course of testing on provision radio security not only premises, but also motor transport. For determination of the potential of the functioning (working) the system radio security and monitoring the motor transport Carnet-3 was used specially prepared equipment Rif String-202 in mode of the imitations of the system Carnet-3. Such an experiment turned out to be possible in connection with analogue of the radio channel of the systems Carnet-3 and Rif String-202.
    Experienced test were conducted in undoubtedly more complex condition, than are recommended for usage of the systems Rif String-202 and Carnet-3:
    1. The receiving antenna of a base station was established(installed) on eleven этажном a building in region of high-altitude building (up to 20 floors), which screened essential sectors of the review of a base station in the side of steppes. A mast much less than recommended height (3 meters instead of 5 meters) also were used.
    2. At testing on transmitters of a system a Rif String-202 in radius up to 50 km the remote antennas were not applied (the pole antennas connected immediately to transmitters) were used in radius up to 100 km the remote transmitting antenna were disposed at height no more than 2,5 m. from a surface of ground.
    3. For definition of potential of a system of a monitoring, protection and positioning of a vehicle Carnet-3 the automobile Delica L-400 with the windows, stuck by a metallized grids as much as possible shielding interior was selected that has allowed considerably to complicate experiment on operation of automobile transmitters from within of vehicles. The given automobile moved on city and suburb for detection most composite by way of a relief and reception of a radio signal of places, and also definition of the greatest possible communication range. In this connection it is possible to consider obtained effect minimum warranted for installation of inventory in the strongly screened experimental automobile. In requirements of installations in actual automobiles, which terrain clearance majority have smaller shielding, the effect can surpass experimental.
    Installation of a base Station and receiving antenna:
    For holding experimental trials a base Station a system a Rif String-202, and also the similar inventory imitating operation of a system Carnet-3, was unrolled on a roof of hotel « Premier International Alatau Hotel », were to the address. Almaty, street. Dostyk, 105. The building is located in an upper of city, is closer to mountains. The antenna of a base station was installed on a roof of a building, on a mast of height 3 meters. At a cover zone of a base station there are essential hindrances shielding (screening) a radio communication in sectors and complicating reception of radio signals from plants, located on shielded (screened) directions. Such hindrances are the mountains in a southeast (angular size of a hindrance about 180 degrees) and region of high-altitude building in northwest from a base station (angular size of a hindrance about 20 degrees)

    It is not recommended to erect receiving antennas of base stations of systems a Rif String-202 and Carnet-3 in a battle condition at essential (more than 10 degrees) shielding of coverage sectors of antennas of base stations by high-altitude hindrances (relief of terrain, building) without the coordination with the technicians of Group of the Companies "Bug-Balt" or technicians of Representations on systems a Rif String-202 and Carnet-3 in your region.
    Figure 4: a panorama of a cover zone of a base station. To unroll a panorama > > >
    Requirements of testing of cover zones for systems a Rif String-202 and Carnet-3:
    During testing for definition of a cover zone of a system a Rif String-202 and Carnet-3 the procedure of inspection of transiting of a signal from different points of city and field was worked out. At driving the automobile on a guessed cover zone measuring a radio communication from within of automobile in a condition of imitation of a system Carnet-3 were manufactured, and on stopping the additional measuring of a level of a radio communication of a system a Rif String-202 in stationary points from within and outside of plants of the real estate were carried out.
    All researches within the framework of experimental trials were carried out without application any of relay inventory. The obtained results on a coverage are reached without a relaying, the signal reception from transmitters on plants was carried out immediately base receiving stations, specially by tuned and installed technicians of the company «Bug-Balt " with the purpose of magnification of a radio range.
    For definition of a cover zone of a system Cranet-3 the route of driving of the automobile was selected the following: hotel « Premier International Alatau Hotel » (Installation site of a base station RS-202) - " Medeo " (largest in a world the winter sports complex with simulated ice, is located in 16 km from Almaty, in mountains Zailiyskogo Alatau, height of hindrances of a radio communication (mountains) in this region exceeds 800 meters) - Stopping "Bridge" rotational displacement on « Kamenskoe plateau » - the road in Big Almatinskoe gorge - rotational displacement on sanatorium " Alma-Arasan " - road in Kapchagay - path for Kapchagay.
    Relief of terrain on a route:
    On northeast, east, southeast (Medeo), on the south and southwest (Kamenskoye a plateau) the mountains with height from bottom up to 800 meters and more are located. The line of a line-of-sight on a base station is multiply overlapped by mountains that the automobile paths are made on bottom of gorges and in valleys.
    On other directions the hilly steppes with over fall of heights up to 50 meters are located.

    Obtained effects:
    During experiments on definition of a cover zone of a system of radio security of the real estate a Rif String-202 in a city boundaries Almaty and nearest suburbs the remote antennas were not used. On transmitters the antennas «the quarter-wave vibrator ", connected immediately to an output stage of transmitters were applied. All measuring are figured on a map. As a result of trials the following effects were obtained:
    1. In radius of 5-10 km. The average level of a signal from plants has made 50-60 dB.
    2. In radius up to 15 km in regions of urban high-altitude and low building the medial signal intensity from plants has made 40 dB.
    3. In sector shielded for a base station of high-altitude building, the observations on the average have made 30 dB.
    RESPECTFULLY YOURS, Dubrovskiy Dmitriy
    OOO "Argument" - a group of the companies "Bug-Balt" Representation "Alitonika" on regional work.
    Russia, Moscow.