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CCTV linked to Portable Bar Scanner

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  • CCTV linked to Portable Bar Scanner

    I have a situation that requires the abilitry to video parcels being loaded off pallets onto closed trucks or into containers for shipping. The parcels are bar code scanned while waiting for loading. Thereafter the parcels are mopved to the vehicle and taken off the pallets onto the truck. I would like to video the parcels so that I can reconcile the number of parcels scanned against that loaded into the truck/container. An ideal solution would be a camera that can be extended to be inside the truck (these are not company owned) and that can be withdrawn as the parcels are loaded. (Thereby allowing the counting of parcels as they are taken off the pallets).
    Any ideas for this solution?

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    You don't want a camera on a moving arm. It'll break. Or someone will break it. Either accidentally or on purpose. Any camera that is ever mounted should not move around. Needs to be rock solid.

    Do they unload the pallets / skids outside of the trucks? If so, you could attach fixed cameras to the support beams in the warehouse, facing the truck dock doors. This way you can catch 2 or 3 doors at once. This is how we have it at our warehouses across the country, works pretty good.