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For personal privacy,how to find the wireless cameras?

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  • For personal privacy,how to find the wireless cameras?

    For personal privacy, some people go looking for the bug dectors on the market. As an example, there are some devices that can detect the radio frequency, how does it work? That is my question for the specialist here.

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    Most "bugs" or listening devices are going to be wireless, unless the building owner or occupant puts them in. Therefore, they will have an RF transmitter. Typically you would turn everything in the room off, as a lot of electronics put off some RF noise, then go around the room with the detector. The bugs will be very low power, so you pretty much have to sweep over everything fairly close.

    I don't know anything that will pick up a hard wired microphone.

    Hidden cameras can be done the same way, if they are wireless. Hardwired cameras are harder to detect. Usually it's done with special device and you are looking for a reflection from the optics. Not very easy or reliable. You wouldn't see the reflection from a pinhole lens, or too far off axis on a standart lens.

    Anything else you're getting into high dollar specialized equipment, and then it depends.
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      What integrator said.
      The CCTV Blog.

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        Unless you're using military grade optical detectors, I wouldn't bother with the thing that looks for reflection off the optics.

        The best way to detect hidden gimmicks is to control the space your in, and then sweep it physically. It is a time consuming task, as you'll have to physically inspect just about everything.

        The best way, as I said, is to control the space you're scanning. If you don't control the space, then assume that your conversations are not private.

        Then again, if you really are discussing things that people are dedicated enough to set up hidden surveillance to record, and its not just some nanny cam off the internet... You're going to need a dedicated space that you can control 24/7 to discuss such things.
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          Thanks for your replies.integrator explained it in details, and also N. A. Corbier's suggestion is very practical to protect the privacy.But there are some certain situations we can't control.That's why people shoul dbe more careful.


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            While I know that privacy is valued by everyone , I am trying to figure out is this more for personal interest or a professional matter . recording devices can be hidden almost everywhere to record almost anything . I would say that if you were dealing with a PI who is trying to catch you cheating on your wife( hypothetically) . If I was the PI I would tap the phone lines, clone your cell phone and put a key-logging keyboard on your computer or if you used a notebook a key logging program . With this type of investigation I would prefer to use hard wired equipment as it reduces detection and records a stronger , clearer data , for a possible court case . Now if I was after corporate information I would just tap into the already existing cameras on the job site and run surveillance to determine who would be the easiest to blackmail with a preference to closeted homosexuals, philanderers, and drug users as my potential targets. The married VP who went out to do TV hookers and blow would make my ideal target . My advice is to do a self audit of what information would you like to protect and figure out how you would try to take it , increase your protection and do it all over again to the point that the cost of getting the information is more then the information .
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