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  • ISC East 2008

    I've been going for about 6 years or so, and I think this is the busiest I've ever seen it.

    I'm going back tommorow, because I didn't hit everything I had planned.

    Saw SIW Editor (Geoff), and that was cool.

    Spoke to Dennis Raefield for almost 45 minutes. Mace is going to go into user friendly systems in a big way. The industry loses a LOT of sales, in my opinion, because security equipment is perceived as being difficult to learn and difficult to use. Mace wants to make proffesional grade equipment so simple to use that any end user can learn it quickly.

    It was busy, like I said. I had a hard time walking around without bumping into people. A lot of manufacturers without booths were walking the floor, and they all said "We'll have a booth next year". Compare to ASIS, which was quiet this year. I'd say anyone with a booth at ISC East this year got their money's worth. The attendees were quality, too- most of the people I saw that I knew (and I know a lot of people) were purchasers and other decision makers, who are all betting that retail crime is going to go up and so are security sales.
    The CCTV Blog.

    "Expert" is something like "leader". It's not a title that you can ever claim for yourself no matter what you might know or might have done. It's a title that others bestow on you based on their assessment of what you know and what you have done.


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    It was incredibly busy! I am impressed, to say the least, with this year's ISC East show. Maybe people held back on travel from going to the national shows and decided to attend the regional show(s). Whatever it is, it seems to be working.

    P.S. Ari, great to see you. I've seen some neat stuff here. I'm hoping to put up articles on the main (news) site in the next few days as I sort out all of the ton of information that I gather at shows like this. Sorry I couldn't come by the store, but had to get back to answer the day's emails and calls.