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Looking for a camera set up to use on my Blackhawk

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  • Looking for a camera set up to use on my Blackhawk

    Im currently in Iraq, and am looking to mount some kinda of camrea to my M-240 Picatinny Rail system.

    Im not sure this is possiable, but I belive it is as i have flowen with a camera hooked to the Aircraft before (History Channel "Heavy Metal: History of the Blackhawk")

    The system would need to be able to run on battery power and be able to withstand 200 mph wind and jarring of the 240 when fired. I have a Sony handycam that will except a S-video cable and can be used to record( maybe)

    as you can see im very new to all of this and any and all help would be great

    thanks in advance.


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    Hmm. The camera on the blackhawk itself is most likely a ruggedized camera mounted in a windproof enclosure. I take it that the M240 is a door gun, mounted at the cargo door position?

    Getting a rail mount won't be hard, you can get a regular Weaver scope mount that should fit the rail. The problem is getting the camera to survive the vibration, and the wind effects, so that it not only survives, but gets a useful picture. Seeing nothing but jittery frames isn't going to be useful in any circumstance.

    Anyone know of any shockproof enclosures for cameras that could withstand multiple joules of vibration? You can simply take two weaver ring mounts, remove the top of the rings, and bolt the enclosure onto the ring bases. Instant 1913 mount.
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      The new X26 and X26C Tasers have cameras mounted on them for court purposes. You could also try an X-Cam (no, pervert, not that)...the small wireless cameras and carry a receiver on you...not like you need more gear.
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