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CCTV play-back question

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  • CCTV play-back question

    Can someone help me with a reason for my picture going bad on playback? It looks really good at the monitor, but when I play it back, it looks bad. The playback is OK, but the picture seems to be sort of out of focus. I

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    Re: CCTV play-back question

    You are lost? You need to provide some more information on what you are doing before anyone can help you. Like, what is your set-up, what equipment do you use.

    There can be a number of reasons:
    1 - look at your connection, how are you connected between the monitor and the recorder, are you 'terminated' or 'looped'? What monitor are you looking at?
    2 - What is the resolution on your recording, settings such as brightness, contrast, compression? Frame-rate?


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      Re: CCTV play-back question

      Yes we need more information.

      1. Are you recording on a VCR or DVR or NVR?
      a. If VCR buy new tapes this really helps and keep buying and using new tapes every 3-6 months.
      b. If DVR or NVR check your frame rates on the software for recording. Check the connections if using RG59 cable.

      Zahir Zubair
      [email protected]


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        Re: CCTV play-back question

        Depending on what type of system are you using, a couple of settings you have to check - and this assuming you are talking about a digital recording system:
        1- 99% of the DVRs have different settings for recording and live - make sure your settings are correct - resolution(which could give you a blocky image), and image quality (compression). The frame rate will only affect your playback rate.
        2- What type of wiring are you using? if is coax (RG59U or RG6), check the BNC connectors for bad ground.
        If is UTP (CAT5) check your distance, and make sure you have the right equipment - passive or active transceivers.

        I could keep give you pointers, but it would be a lot easier if you could make us a list of what you have - as the rest of the guys here in the forum suggested it.


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          Check the record rate, regardless of what type you use (DVR or VCR).