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alarm companies witout ethics

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    Correcting the $99 package Pushers !

    The spirit of $99 package offering was intended to be a consumer attention grabber and a base price for the security consultant to get his/her foot in the door and push for upgrades, as well as, contractually handcuff a consumer to an expensive monitoring commitment. Too often many in the industry sell to the wallet instead of the mind to a consumer who has champagne taste but a Budweiser budget for security. In looking at the big picture these low cost offerings were/are profitable for the Majors in the long term regarding return on investment (about 10 years ago when with the “Evil 3 Lettered Company” the office’s general manager in a managerial sermon explained the payback for their dealer program was 29 months out. Frankly that leaves a window of 7 months for unmolested profit with their $30+ RMR price point till the contract normally ends). In grasping this scenario now - I LOVE IT! After the fulfillment of these handcuffing contacts , I can roll in with one of my low cost/quality monitoring offerings and convert the account! Additionally, I can also profit by pushing for security enhancing upgrades which should have been in place from the start!


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      Birddog, I partially disagree with you. The $99 special isn't just to get their foot in the door. It's all they want to do. The money for them is made on the monitoring. They would rather get in and get out as fast as they can, with no desire to provide real security.

      I know of instances where they told a prospect that "you only need to protect the doors, they only break in that way"; when they were called because the screen was cut and entry was gained through the window. I got that job. I have another where they essentially said the same thing, when you walked past 4 dining room windows, single hung, bottom about 2 feet off the ground to get to the front door. The house was on a steep hillside, 3 stories. I put in a $3000 + system.

      I too, convert a lot of these accounts.
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        I think these practices are horrible, frankly. My wife worked for one of these places, for about two weeks. Not only were they praying on old people and not setting up the systems, but they were also screwing the employees. The best part of not offering the customers any technical support AFTER selling it to them. I always loved that.
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          The door knocking companies claim to be doing around 20,000 of these systems per month, so it's still big business. No room for ethics here.

          When you have pushed things a little too far and had a little too much bad press, you simply do what APX did - change your company name. Off they go again, squeaky clean.....
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            Everybody is trying to make good money and if customer is unaware of facilities then this will be a big advantage for the companies. I think there should be some steps for that and before selling the products customer should be given all the information related to any products.
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              People should learn to DIY their home security systems

              I think people should learn to install and program their home security systems and monitor their home by themselves.
              It is not so hard to install home alarm systems especially with wireless alarm systems. The alarm systems are consisted by panel, PIR detector, door contact, outdoor PIR only and maybe perimeter beam etc.
              Manufacturers always provide detailed user's manual to guide how to install and program.
              Anyway, the products cost will be very lower than monitor cost.