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    Hey all I am new to the group and have a quick question. Does anyone here use or have any experience with the AES IP link system?

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    So if you all dont mind me asking, what do you all use for a back-up to a land line?


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      I use cellular backup (most of the time).


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        Telgaurd or some other version? I have tested and found their service to be unreliable and their customer service is abysmal.


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          We normally use Uplink. I have never had a problem with signal.


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            How long have you been using them? Can these things send contact ID. And are you tied to 3rd party for cell contract? If so how is there customer service? And how often to they raise their rates?


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              We used to use Uplink. The model we used has it's own trigger inputs, which you hook up to the bell output of the alarm panel, or a relay and voltage arrangement, etc. It sends a signal to their own computers, which then called the central station for your account and reported in as that account, sending a zone 80 or so. Now we've switched to Telguard, which creates the dial tone for the panel, and lets the panel dial out it's own information.
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                Alarmnet on Honeywell/Ademco panels (IP or IP & GSM Combo).
                GE version of Uplink on GE panels.
                Telguard on everything else. Yes, Telguard sends contact ID. It can be made to capture and retransmit the exact signal.
                Have never used AES.
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                  The older (and being phased out) AES E Z router system works great. No third party to deal with. Subscriber units are connected to the alarm panel via a 4 or 8 zone relay board. With a device called the intellitap it can also send contact ID. My business partner has had this system up (at a different company) and running for 4 years and has not had a single failure or a second of down time. The down side is signals are sent by radio to an antenna site then forwarded to the CS over phone lines. This of course is slow and needs hard wired phone lines.

                  The new AES IP Link system is great and works much faster. Signals are sent again to an antenna site then signals are sent over highspeed internet, or phone lines or satelite internet. The systems (under normal conditions) uses the hight speed internet connection and uses modem on phone lines for a back up. Also each subscriber unit acts as a repeater site so the more you have out there the stronger your network is. The subscriber units use a 2 watt signal in the 400MHz range so they get signals out of the steel and cement condos down here in FL.

                  These systems are great when they work however I am finding my IP links ( I have 2) will lose the TCP/IP connection sometimes. So I am just trying to learn about other systems that may be more reliable.