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    Integrator, I liked the latching mode duress devices and an alarm panel indicator that stayed until the responding officers notified communications of the site was secure and the senior person he or she alone reset the device and the panel indicator was then extinguished. That is positive control. As long as the indicator was illuminated, you knew the patrol was still on-scene.
    With the older installations, evertime you had a thunderstorm the panel lighted like a Christmas Tree. Likewise when a heavy piece of machinery started-up you tended to get false alarms.
    On one occasion in the township a bank teller tripped the device and the snapping sound was heard by all and all the tellers and two customers were murdered. The three robbers were subsequently caught and confessed they were spooked, panicked and opened fire. Common Pleas Court found them guilty of aggravated murder and executed.
    It goes without saying, duress devices should always be silent in their operation.
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      Thanks everyone for your good advice. It looks like they are going to stay with the hard wired system from their current alarm company.
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