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    Originally posted by integrator97 View Post
    Ha-ha. I thought beach front meant you worked in shorts and tank tops.

    Yea, I know what you mean on all counts, except having one fail. BTW, I always strip my wires, not relying on the pins in the b-connector to punch through the insulation. And I always twist my wires together before inserting them in the connector. And I crimp with the back end of my dykes, not the cutting end, as I've seen some fools do.
    Well, sometimes working the beach (specifically, the Jersey Shore) means working in shorts and sandals (and many distractions- I once had a tech "calibrate" a PTZ for an entire day... by which he meant he had to follow all the girls down the boardwalk to make sure the joystick was working).

    (I meant the joystick on the KBS3 controller, you pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter).

    Usually working beachfront means wintertime, aka off-season. Ever been on the boardwalk when it's like 15 degrees and it's snowing sideways and there's no place to hide from the wind? Not fun.

    And there is no excuse for crimping B connectors with the cutting end, although it's very helpful for troubleshooting- you see that and you know you're going to be there all day so you better cancel all your appointments. And break out the meter. And the tape. And the vodka.
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