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  • Wireless security

    With many areas going WI-Fi security of the systems is very important. Whether you are using a system at home or in a public environment the ability of someone to gain access to your systems is getting very easy if you are not up to speed on your encryption. Many people are still using WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption. WEP is easy to crack if you have the right software and some patience. WPA (wifi protected access) is harder to hack than WEP. If you are still using WEP check your system to see if it has WPA and switch to that. If your system does not have WPA I highly recommend you update the hardware. Another thing to always remember is your SSID. The broadcast SSID should always be off on a private network.
    Remember if you access a public wi-fi system, I can almost guarantee someone is listening or at least trying to.

    Below are some links that will help those with wireless networks. If you are setting up a wireless system I highly recommend consulting with a network consultant before configuring your system.

    (Below link for informational purposes only)