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Fire alarm sync strobes in Class 1 Div 1 area?

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  • Fire alarm sync strobes in Class 1 Div 1 area?

    You guys impressed my with my question on the Ti so here is another. Yep, same job that the fire marshall is telling me its OK to connect my dailer to a T1 line for communication I also am fortunate enought to have a Class 1 Div 1 room that she is requiring strobe only notification only at this time. The room is 30 x 41. That extra foot will mean if I use 15cd strobes i wlll have to use 6 ea when ceiling mounted at 10'. My local equipment provided suggested Harrington exposion proof strobes (HEPS-24-C-C). I contacted Harrington and theirs flashes at 2x per second but will not sync. The Federal exp strobe I found (27XST-E) is rated at 850 effective candle power (no cd rating and 1.33hz), and it probably will not sync. Anyone know of a exp strobe with a listed cd that will sync?

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    Hope this helps you.


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      Problem solved.

      I located a 285cd Explosion proof strobe that will cover the room with only 1-strobe device. FYI its Cooper Wheelock XB16 series and model number XB16USO4860CYNR in case you need one also. Thanks for assistance Ian.