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    I am looking at new DVR technology and was wondering if the typical installer could put in a DVR that only supported a network interface, i.e. no local controls just an IP connection to allow a PC program to configure and then access the video?

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    VideoSecurity-Are you looking to record locally but control off-site? Quite a few DVRs allow you to do this by locking everyone out and have administrator controls remotely.

    Also there are some really decent NVR software packages that allow you to fully control IP cameras via a network and eliminate the DVR completely.


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      Thanks for the response. I guess my real question had more to do with the acceptance of a DVR that could only be setup via a networked interface, I realize the NVR + IP camera model is very similar to this. This solution would utilize traditional analog cameras connected to a compression and storage solution in a box with an IP interface for access to the stored clips. The access to the system would be over the IP interface.

      Do most installers have Laptops today or do they rely on the DVRs button interface on the products to set them up?

      Sorry for the confusion or simplicity of the question.


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        VS-Most DVRs have a monitor out, be it a TV or PC type and you can do most of the programing through that. Our technical staff do carry laptops and they have most of the software preconfigured so they can do a simple load configuration.

        Most DVRs have a NIC built in.


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          Most DVR's your going to need to hook up SOMETHING to the DVR to set up the networking end of it. i.e. IP address, gateway, etc. etc. You can't log in to the unit if you can't give it an IP address