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    How can one get into Installing alarm systems at a company. Do you have to go to school for it? Or do they train you on the job?

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    Call alarm companies in your area as some have excellent training programs. You will be given tests to determine your aptitude. If accepted you will be expected to sign a contract. That is not unusual in that they will not put forth all the effort to see you skate to some other company.
    Good luck.
    Enjoy the day,


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      Bill is right on. It should not be that difficult for you to get a job with a residential alarm company. Try some of the smaller shops. If you have any technical background, especially in IT it will help.

      Most of it is wire pulling and typically that is where you would start. Its a process, but there is a rapid learning curve so you should be fine.

      Good luck-just go for it.


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        I started in the business almost 20 years ago pulling cables for a large integrator and worked my wy through their ranks. I highly recommend that approach, there is little like hands-on experience, especially from the bottom!

        Go for a larger firm, they typically are more amenable to training and have th eresources to do so.

        Good luck- it is a great industry!
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          I do not see where you are from, for Canada, there is some basic training through CANASA.ORG
          Also check your local trade schools.
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            Lincoln Tech is one school in the US which does this kind of training. Look also to your state "burglar and fire alarm association" or contact the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA at for suggestions as well.

            Like others have said, it should not be that hard to get your foot in the door on this. One of the challenges our industry has faced in recent years is finding the right folks like yourself who want to get into installing alarm system ... and then work their way up to alarm system specifying, sales and design positions.

            Good luck on your path.