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Do You Use Wall Monitors In Your Office For Any Apps For Situational Awareness?

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  • Do You Use Wall Monitors In Your Office For Any Apps For Situational Awareness?

    We are almost starting from scratch at my new job. We pretty much gutted the old office and are starting over.

    What do you have running on wall monitors to keep officers informed?

    One idea I have thought about is having a steady weather stream, traffic updates or even nearby MN-DOT live traffic cameras from the major highway nearby.

    I have even seen some places have a monitor with a network news feed running. Anyway, what else would be nice to know when you are in the office besides weather, current time and local traffic conditions?

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    The large monitor displays our CCTV feeds. The live traffic idea is good - the traffic on our surrounding streets directly affects our site. Weather updates in real time are useful for changing conditions or big storms coming in. (The old joke in Seattle is if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes.) News feed might be useful if you're in a large city, but I find so much of any news (local or network) to be junk and trivia, so its more of a distraction IMHO.

    We still use a dry erase board for daily updates, but you could do it on a monitor for sure. For my site I want to know the following when I start shift: Fuel level in the patrol vehicle, any elevators / escalators that are non-op (and when they are going to be repaired), and any vendors or contractors that are going to be on site besides our regular ones. You could also post BOLOs, but the monitor would have to be in a secure area so people without a need to know couldn't see them.