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Remote control of Alarm panels with MFA

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  • Condo Guard
    I think the issue with MFA is the same with any cyber security: ease of use and convenience. With all of the highly publicized breeches of personal and financial information of bank and health care customers, you would think we'd be demanding this sort of thing on several platforms, but we're so used to one or two step access to that people are still resistant.

    As far as remote alarm access, it may be a demand issue. I would imagine large companies with multiple or remote sites would want something like this, but again, I think the awareness of the vulnerabilities is too low currently. I would look at universities, where you have multi-use buildings and sites that are not in physical proximity (for example, the University of Washington has sites across the city, not just the main campus in north Seattle). The Feds probably have something like what you want, but they may not be forthcoming about the details, for obvious reasons...

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  • Dirty_White_Hat
    started a topic Remote control of Alarm panels with MFA

    Remote control of Alarm panels with MFA

    I'm looking for an alarm panel that I can manage remotely. I want to be able to add\remove panel codes across the internet but I want to avoid becoming less secure in exchange for this convenience.

    I've spoken to some local alarm installers about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on the remote management page and they look at me like I'm speaking a different language. It's 2019 and you work in security. Does anyone have a remote administration panel that can be secured with modern cybersecurity controls like MFA?

    You could have the best physical security system and it becomes a wet paper bag if the enemy can own the back-end from anywhere in the world by guessing a password. Seems absurd to me.