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I am thinking of doing a panel upgrade

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  • I am thinking of doing a panel upgrade

    I'm not sure if my question fits in here.
    I'm thinking of doing a panel upgrade to 200 amp service in my house at Toronto. The house was built in the 1960's.
    The reasons why I am planning for an electrical panel upgrade in my old house are:
    The main requirement is safety. It was actually designed for just a few circuits. The circuit consists of all the outlets linked on one wire operated by a single fuse or circuit breaker. The circuit may not trip properly, even when the circuit is overloaded. It preserves people from an overload or the danger of electrocution and shock.
    I had a few reasons so far and people are telling me different answers about the panel upgrade. Some say that if we pull the panel, the house needs to be brought up to code with a new build. While some other is saying that the code is not a problem as it is an old house.
    Our smaller bedrooms are almost 9x9. There are currently 2 outlets. One guy says two is fine as long as the outlets are grounded, the other is saying I need another outlet. Though I am going to hire a licensed electrician from Toronto- I was hoping to get some advice regarding the same from any experienced person here.
    Has anyone gone through this process with an older home? Anyone know the rule on the above example?