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tips for using hunting "Trail Cams" for security?

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  • tips for using hunting "Trail Cams" for security?

    Only related exp I've got is using Drive Way Alarms. Main prob is the sensors also triggered on cats.

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    I have recently thought about the use of trail cams in security. They can be a quick but temporary fix to a problem. A couple scenarios that I can see them being used is when an area is out of view of the security camera, or too far away to get any decent image, but there has to be a purpose such as reoccurring incidents, or a gap in an area that needs to be filled.
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      We deployed some at the mine to get pics of trespassers at a couple of unstaffed gates that had been hit by copper thieves. The trick is they have to be close enough to get a useful image (i.e. license plate or positive physical ID), but still hidden from view. Word traveled fast that we had placed them, which may have had a deterrent effect or just changed the property entry patterns.