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my Holy Grail smart phone app for real time security/safety when on duty.

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  • my Holy Grail smart phone app for real time security/safety when on duty.

    Seems like there will never be a one-click video-on button for smart phones.

    But....why not an app that runs the camera constantly with a user configured amount of saved loop time/video quality, as well as a constant "to the cloud" transmit of fairly low pixel snapshots.

    If a bad guy is sneaking up behind you even a 100x200 should be more than plenty at 20ft or less.

    A few other features like data plan killing real time video to the cloud on demand, and a automatic panic mode that starts uploading newest video to the Cloud if phone senses sudden jolt, shaking or out of level, and even calls dispatch or better yet 911.

    Slightly upgraded version would have an extra battery, and have the phone embedded in one of about a dozen spots under body armor with cams run off phone's data/charging ports, so it could easily last a whole long shift and it would be nearly impossible to kill the phone before it transmitted lots of data.

    (why 911 doesn't have a 'video chat' feature is beyond doubt millions of easy and needed convictions would result at very small cost to taxpayers)

    I could see this app being a big seller mostly to non-security personal, and it might even be a good money making pay to play app since an additional data hosting service would be required to make it work slick for 98% of people who aren't tech nerds.

    I could also see it becoming a new social fuss when one it ten people in a store are wearing one so all sorts of random private citizens got you on camera, etc.