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Human controlled Land Drones for security?

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  • Human controlled Land Drones for security?

    OK, 300lb self-directing Robots for toddler filled malls during biz hours problematic, but how about land-drones after hours, or even during hours?

    I'm thinking of a cheap "force multiplier" weighing under 50 pounds and rolling on cheap hardware store non-marking plastic wheels (lawn mower wheels). It would have lights, 360 cameras and a two way audio/mic.

    Smart phone controlled, either by onsite or offsite personal. Few basic features such as video, motion detection or fire alert to smart phone.

    The general idea would be to allow a single guard to go on patrol while still monitoring a fixed post (or visit the rest room lol), or send the drone on patrol, or otherwise have the benefits of an extensive CCTV system without the big install.

    Instead of a big CCTV install, just lease a few drones.

    Basically a video-chat with a smart phone app able to zoom in and out, and control simple forward, reverse, left/right of a 1970 era "Power Wheels" car or something like this

    Just don't use the latest model smart phone to deter drone-jacking. Use nearly free surplus or trade in phones and butcher them into respective parts so the drone itself will have no value if stolen except an oddball sized battery too big for motorcycle and too small for a car. It would be more important to have two or more drones with "eyes on" a given area than to have this years newest and best smart phone camera.....similar to how much security is just "warm body" work.

    I'm not seeing any Drone type products in this area. For security, industrial, construction, ranch work you'd want it to be a good healthy size, not a micro-toy, with decent off road crawling ability and able to carry and deliver items like a set of keys, binder, meals, etc.

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    Its an interesting idea; the current thinking of clients is that CCTV would be more reliable. I'd want to use the drone in inclement conditions (I'm sure our NE and Canadian members would love the drone to run around outside when its below freezing), but I'm not sure we're there yet in terms of durability. It would be great to have something like that at a large cargo terminal to do deliveries (as you mentioned); I'd just be afraid the longshoremen would run it over with their forklifts...


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      Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
      Its an interesting idea; the current thinking of clients is that CCTV would be more reliable.
      In theory, yes, but when the CCTV stars "acting up" WTF knows what wrong, and its gonna be a $200 service call that will prob only be a 1/2 arsed or temp fix, before it acts up again, because the real loose wire somewhere else and tech only jiggled it to work by mistake, etc.

      In contrast, you buy a new unit, or have one that you put through its places before deploying, and you should be GTG.

      I'd rather bring "known to work fine" with me than hope to sort out what "should be working" when I get there.

      Plus everyone soons figures out where the cameras are.