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    I have a customer that is looking for an app for inspections and guard tour. They are looking at Flex Patrol. Has any one used this system and/or hear of any other products that do this?
    R. Gallagher

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    BTW, folks, Ryan is talking about this product -- looks like a PDA system for verifying guard tours and for automated incident response:

    I know I've seen some folks who said they were using PDAs on site. Anyone with this kind of thing?


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      Its a WindowsCE App, it looks like... This is an interesting concept, in that you make the guard answer questions at each tour point (clock key), and store it.

      I would like to know how incident reports are dealt with, or if its even designed to deal with such things. It looks very much "Observe and Report" based. But, it does appear to have benefits if you require your guards to hit keys, since they won't be focused on rushing through the key hits when they're tapping 20 screens with "Yes or No" questions at each hit.
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        Wonder how long it is before some bright soul cooks up a "macro" to answer the questions for him.
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          FlexPatrol - Macros

          Dear Sectour

          This post has been around a long time but I could not resist responding.

          You post
          "Wonder how long it is before some bright soul cooks up a "macro" to answer the questions for him."

          We lock out the FlexPatrol PDA software on the PDA so the only thing you can access is the FlexPatrol application thus making it a very easy and simple process. You never see the operating system.

          We also provide logic tree capability thus capable of creating automated data collection procedures around the responses the security officer inputs. You can create your own unique Standard Operating Procedures and Incident Capture options which are downloaded to the PDA. Basically the objective is to automate all manual paper work and streamline the operation with automatic email reporting.

          Check us out at

          Mark Cowley