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    Many forum members will have found and made good use of the many LE/security-related research publications that are available in the JUSTNET "Virtual Library", but some may not be aware of this resource, so I'm providing the link here for you. The scope of NIJ research is very broad, so sooner or later almost everyone is likely to find something here that interests them or helps them professionally in some way:

    Justice Technology Information Network - definitely in my "Favorites" list!

    I also notice that STAM Multimedia is having a pretty decent "Christmas sale" on their web-based training (WBT) courses. There are four courses that can be purchased individually or in various "bundles":

    a. CCTV Overview.
    b. Digital CCTV and Networking
    c. Fiberoptics
    d. Biometrics

    When you purchase a course, it means you have 30 to 90 days access to the course via the Web - do it at your own pace within that "license period".

    The courses are quite good - even challenging, some might say. Here's the link: STAM Courses

    Finally, another source of online training is the S2 Institute, which has courses in individual security/LE topics such as secure mailroom operations, bomb threat response, physical security, etc. and also has an 18-(solid)-hour course - Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) that incorporates a number of the individual topic courses and then goes into specific response strategies and tactics that are not included in the individual topical courses.

    One word of caution: S2 has assigned "levels" to their courses as to whether they are available to the public ("Level 1"), LE and security ("Level 2") or LE only ("Level 3"). Because of the nature of the content, the ATO program is "Level 2" and they are VERY STRICT about VERIFYING your professional status in the security community, meaning that you must be an active and licensed (if your state requires it) employee or owner of a security agency or department in order to take the course. The lecturer (video lecture) is Craig Gundry, a very well-known expert in the field of counterterrorism, and he'll give you enough to chew on for a year. While some of what he gives you is in the public domain (books, Websites, etc.) because many of the facts of terrorism are well known, other information in the course was not part of any of the other courses I've taken (e.g., American Military University, UN training, etc.), or reading I've done. A very good course...with lots of practical advice.

    Here's the link to S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute and also the link to their affiliated security agency in Florida, Critical Intervention Services which might interest you to browse around in for a variety of reasons, such as studying their business model - especially their program for high-crime-rate community solutions, in which they specialize. These folks have good credentials and agency owners might want to consider benchmarking them.
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