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IP video surveillance - client-server using only one stream

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  • nunofonseca
    Thank you for your answer!

    What I want is an IP multiplexer. The functionality is to have a remote place where we can see online the remote surveillance images, like 4, 6 or 10 images (ok in small sizes....).

    Of course, the recording should be done locally (where the cameras are), or something like it. This image with the 4, 6 or 10 images "inside", would appear to me like only one......

    If you look at videoconferencing systems working with MCU (Multipoint unit from Codian, Polycom, Radvision....) they can do this feature when using "Continuous Presence" (see all remote places)

    I think the feature is like the one from Axis, but instead of analog would be digital/IP.

    I already consult several vendors and no one have it, althought I think it's a good feature..... mainly for bandwith issues. Maybe I would find it here, at least I hope

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  • SIW Editor
    changing frame rates or resolutions to save bandwidth

    Or can you just select a different output stream., i.e., you choose to only send a lower resolution stream for monitoring, and if something bad happens, you can "call up" the higher resolution steam? Some folks have done that, I know.

    Also can you adjust frame rates (ips) or do you need faster frame rate video? Can Camera A deliver, for example 1 ips, Camera B 5 fps, Camera C 1 ips, Camera D 15 fps? That way you use your bandwidth based on what you really want for the monitoring project...

    Just throwing out ideas here to get you thinking on this. Good luck and please let us know how it works out.

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  • SIW Editor
    an IP multiplexer?

    Wow, this is an interesting question, one I've never even thought of before.

    Okay, so the idea is that you'd want a multiplexer (a piece of technology that takes multiple data streams and converts them into one data stream). On the other end, you'd need a demultiplexer ("de" as in "undo") that would split it back out again. But it needs to be work over IP only?

    So in the IP world, a multiplexer is basically an "encoder" and demux or demultiplexer is a "decoder". That said, I don't know all the specs for all the video server encoders out there, but I've got to think that some of them do this. I just looked through Northern Video Systems' new catalog for Fall 2006 and I didn't see a product that says it specifically does that, but that doesn't mean anything.

    Then again, maybe I'm going too deep into your question and you just need a 4-analog to 1-Ethernet type of encoder like this one:

    Hey, how about one of our dealers and integrators step forward from the shadows and answer this question... Crinsol, are you around? Anyone else?

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  • IP video surveillance - client-server using only one stream


    I'm making some market surveys, to know what's the possibilities that my company have to deploy an IP video surveilance solution.

    As we have several buildings across the country, (and they are connected using IP VPN/not so much bandwith available ) we would like to know if there exists some solution like:

    1 site with 10 cameras (to simplify, let's assume that each camera use 800kbps to send the video)

    - The 10 cameras/streams will go to a local server to be recorded/monitored (throught LAN) -> Bandwith used = 800kbpsx10 = 8Mbps
    - For remote surveillance (throught WAN/IP VPN), we only want to view (online) for example, 4 cameras.

    What we would like to know is if there is some solution that use only 800kbps (as only 1 image, but contains all the other 4?) making image multiplexer, instead of 4 streams of video (800x4=3.2Mbps).

    Thank you