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    Since this thread has been necro'd, I am going to respond to this:

    Originally posted by officerchick View Post
    They are not terrorists, they are pirates. It is a business model, and like any business their goal is to make money.
    They make money by taking hostages, waving firearms about, and shooting at people. They terrorize and are, therefore, terrorists.

    They hold the hostages/cargo for ransom and release them when they get their money.
    According to the news, this is not true. Many pirates have killed when their demands are not met.

    They don't hijack with the intent to kill or maim, only to get a ransom.
    And kill if that doesn't work.

    The captain is not a political prisoner, but a hostage kept for negotiations.
    Terrorism is not just about politics. It is about whatever they want it to be. It is about money, power, wealth, religion, whatever.

    I think the word terrorist should be reserved for those whose purpose is to inspire terror.
    Pretty sure if a bunch of Somalis in a dingy shoved an AK in your face, you would be terrified. By your own definition here, pirates are terrorists.
    A wise son hears his father's instruction,but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke. Proverbs 13:1

    "My “Black-Ops” history ensures that you will never know about the missions I accepted in my younger days, and Vietnam still shudders when it hears the name of a an assasin so skillful and deadly, he is remembered decades later. " G-45