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  • SIW Editor
    find a 6 channel processor yet?

    I spent some time looking for one, but had no luck, found 4, 9, 16, etc., not a 6. If you find one, please post a link or some info on here so others might be assisted too in this search. Good luck.

    Geoff Kohl

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  • Jon Thorne
    started a topic "HEX" processor

    "HEX" processor

    I'm looking for a "hex" video processor as opposed to a "quad" video processor. I need two horizontal rows of three pictures each to display ntsc color camera video on a wide screen display that is 25" wide and 15" high. To be used at a drive in banking facility with 6 lanes. Each of the pictures must be the same size and shown at all times. A 3x3 display is not acceptable because 1/3rd of the screen area would be wasted. If this configuration is only available as part of a DVR / Multiplexer that is ok. However, There is no requirement to record the activity from these cameras. Thank you.