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How do I get wifi out to a Mobile DVR installed on school bus?

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  • How do I get wifi out to a Mobile DVR installed on school bus?

    Okay so one of my salesman sold a Speco D4M500 4 channel Mobile DVR. Its installed in a bus that parks outside the school. About 100' away. I do get good wifi on my laptop out there but how am I going to get the DVR on the network? It doesnt have wifi on it. Tech support suggested a 3G modem, but the customer does not want any monthly fees. I thought about possibly using a network gaming adaptor but im not sure how I will power it up or if itll even work at that range. The Dvr is hardwired into the aux power on the bus and starts automaticlly as the Bus starts. The Dvr has a Cloud Archive software build into it that you can set to auto archive but I just need to be able to get internet out to the Bus or a bridge or something. The customer does not want to go out to the dvr to pull video, but access the video from a server inside the school. Any info or Ideas on how to do this would be great. Thanks Alot

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    ...The customer does not want any monthly fees.
    Then the customer is in for a rude awakening.

    IF you can arrange to regularly park the bus within range of a permanent WiFi network, possibly by putting a powerful outdoor WAP set to bridge mode on the school building or garage or whatever, you can install a WAP inside the bus and review/save video every night. Otherwise, yeah, 3G modem.

    Amped Wireless makes some good, powerful, relatively cheap stuff, start there.
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