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Books on surveillance system design....

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  • Books on surveillance system design....

    Hi Everyone,
    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if there is a book which describes in detail about surveillace system solution. it will be great if the book covers (cameras used in diff industries, software design for web as well desktop, live streaming technology, etc).

    Also, if it also tell about business marketing and management .


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    There frankly isn't much.

    Intelligent Network Video is probably the best, and pretty good as far as the basic concepts goes, but it's a little dated by now.
    The CCTV Blog.

    "Expert" is something like "leader". It's not a title that you can ever claim for yourself no matter what you might know or might have done. It's a title that others bestow on you based on their assessment of what you know and what you have done.



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      Books on surveillance system design....

      Thanks for your help.
      I am really new in the surveillance system integration line. I want to develop an app which will work with IP cameras (diff brands) with a lot of necssary features. I am still doing my homework and not sure how the whole cycle works. I would really appriceate any advise you can provide which will lead me in the right direction.



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        Hi Poxima,

        There's a book by Lawrence Fenelly that's really informative. It's title is The Handbook of Loss Prevention And Crime Prevention. However, if you are into security design (or any advanced topic for that matter) you can go for The Business of Security System Design by Brian Gouin, which is quite popular.

        The Business of Security System Design by Brian Gouin is available I think in Amazon but you'd better read some reviews about the books before buying. The Business of Security System Design pretty much explains the content of the book in simple detail but as for the first book, here's a piece of information I got from the Internet:

        * Covers every important topic in the field, including the latest on high-tech security systems, homeland security,
        * Brings together the expertise of more than 40 security and crime prevention experts
        * Each chapter provides a wealth of practical information that can be put to use immediately

        Hope this helps!