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  • Self (auto ) monitoring

    I am looking to move our 120 alarm accounts (most burg, some fire) off the central monitoring and on to auto monitoring. I want the alarms generated to go directly to my guards in the field, via email text or automatic voice.
    i need them to be able to acknowledge the alarm, and there needs to be a call list, if not received .
    i would like to integrate camera's , access control and a GPS lone worker device.
    do you have any recommendations for software and hardware. what should i be looking for.
    is it doable ? what would cost be ?

    Thank you


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    To accomplish what you want is not a matter of just purchasing some hardware or software. If you are serious about pursuing this, you really need to hire a qualified consultant or systems integrator to design a comprehensive solution for you. There are literally hundreds of questions that I would want to ask if I was given the task of designing a system that does what you want it to do.

    If the primary motive for doing this is to avoid paying monthly fees, you also need to do a detailed cost/benefits analysis to see if it really makes sense. Most clients I have worked with have usually abandoned the idea of setting up an "in-house" alarm facility once they realize how little money they will save. This is particularly true if you only have a couple of hundred of alarm accounts or less.
    Michael A. Silva
    Silva Consultants


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      Hello Michael

      thank you very much for reply. i am not entering this without some serious research, i looking to explore the possibility at this time. i find the monitoring station has a lot of drawbacks, time, human error, human interface , language barriers and such. i do think the 40k$ we spend annually on monitoring alone can go towards a very good stable system. we have the infrastructure here to have redundant systems to back us up.
      i would be happy to hear more of your thoughts on the subject, and perhaps get some idea's what software would be best in this kind of a setup.

      thank you



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        Ma and Pa Bell type phones are going away with a slow death, 2G cell phones are being sunsetted within two years which begs the question, what "G" technology will alarm companies embrace and then when will their sunset arrive?

        The cable phones are useless when there is no power and a cable is cut. That leaves UHF long range radio where you rent towers and every installation is a repeater to the last system you installed. Some are even UL listed for commercial fire.
        I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it.