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Vender needs help with selecting access control system for resale

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  • Vender needs help with selecting access control system for resale

    Hi Folks,

    I am a dealer of driveway gates and automation systems. We already sell the Doorking line of access control equipment along with mag locks,and other access devices. I am interested in expanding our line of access control systems. I am looking fro recommendations on the most popular and well engineered systems.

    Thanks for your time

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    I would try s2 or DSX. They both offer good systems. S2 being a web browser based system and DSX which is more software based on a dedicated pc .
    Ingersol Rand's SMS system is pretty good. Just don't use their readers. Those things are garbage.


    S2 will let you buy their Pronto system without being a dealer. I like the S2 stuff. Easy to use and learn. No software to update. Great functionality and there tech support is really good.

    DSX will want you to become a dealer, get trained in Texas and lead with their product. DSX makes rock solid controllers with great functionality and arguably the best tech support in the industry.

    SMS has great tech support. They have some interesting product lines like the AD series locks. They only thing is they seem to still be working out issues with things like cover plates, dimensions of door thickness kits, inconsistent machining, etc...
    You would think a company as large as them would be able to get their act together by now. I would still use their products but I am just much more aware of what to look out for.


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      Thanks Raker,

      That is very useful information. I already had contacted someone at DSX and am now in contact with S2. Are you familiar with a company called Consec in Canada: Do you know anything about them?
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        I can't say that I have heard of them. One thing I noticed on that website was one of the distributors they listed was IEI out of Canton, Massachusetts. I know IEI is not there anymore, they are in California now. I did just hear that DSX is developing a web browser based access control panel that may be released next year if all goes well.


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          Hi Raker, Hi Ken

          I've heard good about W2 because its easy to learn.
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