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Clearwire and Security Alarm

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  • Clearwire and Security Alarm

    Brethren of the Security Alarm,
    Clearwire is wireless VOIP provider throughout a good portion of the U.S. now. I have been told and have observed security alarm users using Clearwire for monitoring along with their merchant processing dial outs too. This is done by using a “*99” prefix with the dial out sequence.
    Frankly, being a broker of both commercial phone service and security alarm, I can state with credibility that a homeowner or business using Clearwire for their security alarm transmissions is playing with fire. You cannot sustain a consistent dial tone with Clearwire’s Wimax platform – thus you are virtually playing “Russian Roulette” in having an alarm signal being sent.
    I don’t know about your company, but seeing that we live in a litigious society where everyone sues everyone at a drop of a hat, I would avoid like the plague using Clearwire for security alarm for that reason. On the commercial side of my business I’m dealing with a new restaurant owner who is dumping Clearwire for sporadic non-dial tone conditions effecting his credit card transmissions during his busy lunch hour (a major Maalox moment for him!). Take the right course and get the security user to use wireless backup a primary!

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    Thanks for the information on Clearwire, I think you are correct and I am really in the favor of your points that you just discussed.
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