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Police no longer responding to unverified alarm calls - what will vendors do?

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  • Police no longer responding to unverified alarm calls - what will vendors do?

    I'm curious what vendors think of this. Will this spur the industry to improve systems and reduce false alarms? Or will alarm companies team up with contract guard companies to provide their own private response?

    On the one hand, I'm a taxpayer, so I'm not keen on cutting PD response. On the other hand, where I live LE is stretched so thin that perhaps it is time to think about what they should respond to.

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    It is old news. We stopped in CA in the 90s due to the 99% false alarm rate.

    LE is NOT an alarm response service at taxpayer expense. It's up to the alarm company to respond and verify.
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      Video Verified Alarm System is available now

      Video Alarm System is available and it can be monitored by mobile phone, web browsing etc. So, you can provide it to police to verify it.
      Anyway, proper installation of suitable alarm system is important.
      Technology of detectors is developed to anti false alarm as well.
      I think things will go better.


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        Verification means an actual break in, with the responsible present or enroute.


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          Yeah. Most likely these private guard companies will be trained to detain the burglars.


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            I feel bad for the companies that actually buy into these bad SEO companies.... They hire people who can't speak English well or who are using google translate to post useless things in hopes to get better rankings on google...


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              I have no idea what the last two posts mean.


              No. It does not mean that. Do you really think that once an alarm is activated, burglars just stand around and wait for a response? Verification means that there is evidence that a crime happened. Silent or CCTV responses, or any response by security means you look, locate a POE, notify, and wait. Keeping an eye out.

              Almost every post you make shows a lack of understanding of even the basics of security. You need to go get some training, or get out before you hurt someone or yourself. I do think that you are too police oriented, or what you think cops do, in your daily work life.

              You need to work as a guard. That's what you are paid for.


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                When we sign up a new customer for service, we are generally put first on the call list for the burglar alarm company. This way all calls from the alarm company go to our CMS and are verified by one of our agents that are already monitoring the property via cctv. Fortunately for us, if there is a breach in the security protocols, we have the police on the way, well before the burglar alarm company calls.
                On a smaller scale and for residential use, video verification is something that would have to come from a representative of the property. I think ADT and other large burglar alarm companies are trying video verification. This requires a camera system on the property that covers the entire property and a person conducting the verification that knows how to use the camera system properly, in a timely manner.