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Xanboo, my complaint, thier answer GET OVER IT

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  • Xanboo, my complaint, thier answer GET OVER IT

    This is a follow up of the AT&T distribution of the "Dealer program" xanboo initiated August 12, 2008. My original post is about Xanboo going in all AT&T stores in December.

    I'll begin with the last line of the Email from one of Xanboo's engineers in regards to my getting hoodwinked into paying $1,750.00 for the exclusive rights to sell this in my area. As I was dealer #2 that seemed like an easy prospect. Where else was anybody getting xanboo anyway? Now I know... at the 65 AT&T dealerships in my town alone.

    and the email reads... and I quote:
    "Get over it and go get someone to call you and then close them on the phone!!!" (I paid HOW much for that advice?)
    "Rich, You are wrong on this one ole buddy. These systems will NOT MOVE off shore shelves. Motorola already tried this with Radio Shack. Home Depot, COSTCO, and a host of others have failed with this SAME model. This product has to be sold and phone companies do not sell – they take orders. If AT&T advertises and tries to move this product through any method, they will struggle because it is not their core service. The reason they are successful is that everyone knows the benefits of having phone service, broadband, television, etc.

    YOU WILL BENEFIT from their efforts if they do move this way because it will generate awareness and YOU will get better traction.

    There are numerous cases that further point to YOU BENEFITTING from any efforts that AT&T makes to market this product. ADT is a perfect example. ADT corporate installs less than 20K systems per month with 250 locations and 3,000 sales reps (including resale reps). The 300 ADT Authorized Dealers install 35,000 per month dwarfing ADT corporate because the ADT sales reps are ORDER TAKERS.

    The takeaway from this is that your ads need to have the call to action be PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME.

    Get over it and go get someone to call you and then close them on the phone!!!

    Scott Gurley

    512-432-5952 Office
    512-608-3662 Cell
    512-628-6925 Fax

    ### end ###

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    Deja Vu...

    Word is Xanboo will no longer provide pricing or ship orders.