I work in IT and our organization is interested in buying "compatible cards" or sometimes referred to as "generic cards." Our system is a standard 26 bit proximity card system (H10301) and I see cards out there for VERY cheap. Some no-brands are available for almost nothing on eBay and Amazon (these scare me a little). But there are also other brands, such as IDWholesaler.com's ValuProx, Alphacard.com's AlphaPass, Proxcards.com's Identiv and Schlage.

On Proxcards.com, you can get a clamshell card for just $1.65 each and a printable PVC card for $2.32 a card.

Has anyone had any experience with these brands? I am hesitant to recommend these without actually having experience using them. We currently use HID-branded cards.

Your thoughts and feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!