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Understanding Visonic (PowerMax) USA distributors' ploicy

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  • Understanding Visonic (PowerMax) USA distributors' ploicy

    Can anyone in the know explain to me the politics (for want of a better word) behind the distribution of Visonic's product line esp.The PowerMax system?

    I believe that distributors and their reps probably review this forum often and hence I'm hopeful some help will be forthmcoming.

    I have a number of PoweMax controls due for service and replacement of components and I cannot locate a USA distributor who stocks this system and who ships to foreign destinations.
    My regular distributor won't touch the line and does not provide any leads. Now I find in searching the 'net, at least one east-coast dealer who is discribing the control as 'low cost' and states categorically that most independent distributors have discontinued carrying the Visonic units.

    I am not bent on debating the merits or demerits of different manufacturers' lines though I do ponder why the above mentioned dealer would post such a notice when a competing brand which he/she stocks and which is on par in terms of features-is much lower in cost.
    I am just looking to protect the investments that were made on these systems and obviously unlike hardwired controls, one can't simply pull the control, replace it and trace wires.

    According to my principal's records, most purchases were made initially through an outfit called 'Security Dog' but it is my understanding that they have since gone out of business.

    I am obliged to anyone who can address this issue.

    Kind Regards.

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    ADI carries visonic powermax equipment. They are a wholesale distributer with storefronts all over the US and other areas. Their web site is You will have to be a business to buy from them but alot of security companies use them.


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      The Home Security Store stocks the Visonic Powermax Plus and all accessories.
      The Web site is
      The best and commercial Wireless Outdoor Security Camera System ,NVR Systems,IPC Systems with flexibility via the Net