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    Can anyone provide and guidance on a good Job Management/Job Costing hosted Software package for a medium to large sized alarm installation/service company?


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    Originally posted by beezer34
    Can anyone provide and guidance on a good Job Management/Job Costing hosted Software package for a medium to large sized alarm installation/service company?

    Visit I think you will find your answer there. Also the NBFAA has information based on years of experience and they are the trade association which represents the alarm industry. There are also state and regional associations affiliated with NBFAA,
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      PPM 2000 doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. Its for incident reporting and investigation management. What I'm looking for is a job reporting and job cost accounting software package for branch office service technicians in an security alarm installation and service company.

      Something akin to SRS SmartOffice, Alarm Base Professional, or JobOps.

      Wondering if anyone had any recommendations from experience with any of these packages.

      Also, I tried looking the NBFAA website and couldn't find any information, is there someplace specific I should be looking?

      Thank you.


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        Check out autotask. It works well.


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          I'd strongly suggest you talk to Everest Software, especially since you're looking for a hosted solution. Note that the solution you need really does not have to be specific to an "alarm" company - there are many parallel industries in which perfectly adaptable solutions have been developed.

          Anyway...Everest has hosted subscription-based job management/costing, etc. services. Here's the link: Everest Software .

          Specifically, here's a quote from their page describing their capabilities with respect to the service field force - see if this doesn't come close to describing what you're wanting to do (and of course there are lots of other modules, etc. available):

          "Everest Software addresses service department concerns:

          I want to include the cost of time spent by my technician in servicing a piece of equipment in my accounting system.

          Everest allows a service item to be set up as a non-inventoried item, and computes the cost of time your technician spends on services for a customer. For instance, you can create a service item called "Technician's time", enabling you to capture and invoice the cost you had incurred on the technician or contractor assigned to the job. Everest will take this into account while computing the total amount due from the customer. Or, if the charges for a service job are a mark-up on how much you pay the contractor assigned to the job, you can opt to change the item type to service on the invoice and select cost as a percent of the selling price.

          I would like to assign tasks to my technicians and set deadlines for their completion as soon I receive a service order.

          When you receive a service order, you can create and assign tasks to your technicians as soon as you create an order in Everest. You can make notes pertaining to each task and set a deadline for its completion. Everest can also remind you and the technician on the completion dates and allows you to monitor status and progress of the tasks related to a particular order.

          I would like to clearly segregate the types of service orders I receive.

          Everest offers the facility of grouping the service orders you receive for easy reference using various document aliases. For instance, you can distinguish a service order from a sales order by creating an alias called Service Order, and if you want to further distinguish between the various service orders you receive, you can easily do so by creating more aliases - for instance, Repair Orders, Maintenance Orders, etc. This way, all service orders can be more easily tracked and retrieved. For instance, your accountant might want to track sales invoices generated by your training department. He/she can easily do so by creating an alias called "Training Invoice" and grouping all relevant invoices under this head. This facility is of great help to business owners for monitoring the performance of various departments, including service.

          I would like to keep better track of items received for service or repairs within my business management software.

          Everest enables easy creating of service orders for products received for servicing. When the work is completed, you can bill the customer by quickly converting the service order into an invoice. Everest also eliminates creation of various documents involved in the processing of service orders -- from the time the item has been received to creation of an invoice. Besides, if the item has a serial number, the serial number history will tell you --in case the order has been completed -- that the item has been returned to the customer together with the service order. You can track items you have sent out for repair using the same method.

          I would like to track time spent by my technical support staff on calls to customers.

          Everest is designed to handle technical support calls with ease. When a customer representative takes a call, he/she records the customer's problem and then assigns it to a technician through Everest's Contact Manager capability. The notes attached to the service order enable the technician to readily grasp the issue and when he/she speaks to the customer, notes of the conversation can be entered and the timer turned on to record the time spent on the incident and the tracking software will charge the customer accordingly."
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