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Security Cameras can see in the dark

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    Originally posted by ONLP View Post
    What exactly is the point of this thread?
    It's like a sort of information about CCTV security cameras with night vision capabilities. That's it!


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      Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
      Thanks Curtis. I thought I was the only one noticing this. I keep reporting their posts but no one does anything about them
      That's because nobody can do anything about them.

      I am actually to the the point of working on a competing product simply because these forums are no longer actively managed.
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        Originally posted by wonger
        The camera is the camera can spy shot of the picture or video of some people or environment is not their consciousness. In the past, the wireless mini spy cameras used for espionage. Today, these electronic gadgets let us know really happens when we depart from that place. Them into different face, such as toys, clocks, watches, and pen. Do you know how many types of market? Their biggest characteristics is?
        Please hire someone to translate properly or stop posting. Your posts don't make sense.
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          Night Vision cameras allow you to see in total darkness. Many of our night vision cameras have infrared illuminators built in! Night vision cameras come in black and white color. The color night vision cameras switch automatically to black and white at night. Each night vision camera includes an AC Power supply unless otherwise marked.
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            This post is really helpful for me..
            And very informative about CCTV cameras. And as we know that night vision is also very important in outdoor security system.
            By this we can protect our home and business and feel safe for the security point of view.


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              Holy dead thread, Batman!

              If one of the moderators would kindly lock this one down so that it can't come back again like some sort of self-repairing zombie (uuuuunnnnnnngggg... caaaaaaaaammmmmerrrraaaaassssssss...), I think we'd all appreciate it.
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