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Camera install trouble

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  • Camera install trouble

    I am currently doing my first install using cat5 and 6 using balums. If you need any other info let me know. Every item in system is nitex except wire just standard cat5 and some ptz cat6

    Here are my issues.

    Cameras start with a nice crisp picture then after a few days get blurry.

    Some cameras are not working about 400-500' runs balums are said to be good to 750'.

    If I apply power to them at the camera they work but not the greatest. And when ir comes on some just quit working.

    Nitex cx452 crossover unit
    Nitex Vb43atf balums

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    Well we would need a lot more information about this.

    Are you sending power over the UTP cable?

    Are you using single channel baluns or multi channel baluns, and what type of connector is being used....screw, clip on, Rj45?

    While the baluns may be rated to 700', I wouldn't put much faith in that -- granted I am not familiar with the product your are using.

    500' is too short for powered (Active) baluns - we have experienced all sorts of problem when using powered baluns at less than 1000'

    Some powered baluns will not work optimally with a passive balun at the other end.
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      Are you powering locally, or sending it over the cat 5 from the head end? Power over one pair of cat 5/6 is probably dropping too much voltage at 400 feet. This could account for your picture deteriorating of time. The camera running at a reduced voltage would probably start to get hotter, and at some point would start to malfunction.

      I prefer to get my power locally in a large system, not at the camera, but staging power supplies in sections of a building.

      Nitek is fine equipment, and if you're using passive equipment, there's no reason a picture would deteriorate over a short time.

      BTW, with passive baluns, there's no reason you can't mix brands. I'm not advocating that as a regular practice, but pretty much a balun is a balun. Obviously there are some quality differences between brands.
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        Please provide more details about your issue as stated above to get more relevant answers.


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          Originally posted by chicagolocksmith View Post
          Please provide more details about your issue as stated above to get more relevant answers.
          Please explain why you are asking what already has been asked?
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            I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it.


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