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  • Hardware for covert video

    I’m looking at the possibility of needing to install a covert camera and was hoping I could get some recommendations on hardware that will meet my specifications.

    The application I have that I would want to use it in is an office setting where we have had several thefts of money from a locked cabinet. The Office is secured and only a certain number of employees have access, but I have so far been unable to narrow my list down to less than ten suspects. Although I have some fairly good suspicions, my Legal and Human Resources Departments are strongly opposed to any questioning being done without hard evidence of guilt. So I’m hoping to set up a covert camera, most likely looking down through a drop ceiling, to catch the person in the act so that I will have video evidence that I can use to solicit a confession.

    I think that to meet my current need, and to be able to reuse in future situations, I would ideally have a micro DVR hooked to a pin hole camera, and I could then place the entire set-up above the ceiling. But for this to work and be easily place able without raising suspicion I would want both the DVR and camera to be battery powered (preferably with a single source), recording on motion to be able to be utilized to optimize recording time, and to have at least twenty four hours of video storage available on the DVR. In this application I don’t think resolution or video quality are nearly as important as how concealable it is and my ability to set-it up and not have to touch it as rarely as possible until I have been notified of another theft.

    I have looked at several different hardwarwe set-ups, but cannot be sure of their cababilities without having used them before. So I was hoping that someone with a little more experience in covert surveillance could direct me to a good DVR camera combo that will work for the application I need.
    Drew Neckar
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    I use this. It takes some setting up, and you cant plug it into a power strip, but it gives some REALLY good film, and no one will suspect its not a clock

    Drew i am interested to know if you choose another route since i am looking for something more covert and portable myself, something that uses a SD card and is battery powered, so let me know if i can answer any questions, or if you get any more info please
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      There are alot of options. It just depends on how much you want to spend and the ease of setup and use you desire. If the room has any sort of alarm system there are many motion detector style cameras with built in DVR or SD card recording.

      Here is one example:

      I don't know that particular company so I can't say if they are good or bad but they have other options as well. Such as clocks, button cameras, etc.

      I hope that helps. If you come up with something that works well for you please let us know how it turns out.


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        I recommend Ovations system! This is reliable, high performance video surveillance !you can go to Manifest Marketing website for more informations.


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          Originally posted by xtinaz View Post
          I recommend Ovations system! This is reliable, high performance video surveillance !you can go to Manifest Marketing website for more informations.
          I agree with your recommended system. I also use this one and its nice system with lots of features. It includes video scrambling and video encryption systems to protect covert wireless surveillance links from interception. I also personally recommend that.
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            Yes absolutely Ovations system would be the best choice to overcome this issue.
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