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Anyone using a Remote Video Storage Service ?

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  • Anyone using a Remote Video Storage Service ?

    My company has been recording snapshot images from IP cameras on behalf of our customers for years, but this could hardly be classed as remote video storage.

    Recently, one of our dealers has requested that we allow their customers' cameras to send thousands of images per day up to our server so that they can archive them for 90 days

    Actually, it wasn't that difficult to setup and we now have a couple of cameras uploading images every time motion is detected in the defined windows. Everyone is happy, but now we need to start billing our customer for this service. I know this is a very new way of doing things and there are not too many companies out there offering this type of service.

    Can anyone give me a ball park figure of what they are paying for something similar ?

    Failing that - just give me your best shot on what you think we should be charging our dealer for the service, remembering that he has to make a little on top too.
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    I'd gladly pay $29.95 a month per camera or $49.95 for up to 8 cameras, plus, say $2.50 per 25GB.
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      There are a few companies out there that are already offering this type of service. One is Secure-I.

      I'm not sure what Secure-I charges, but I agree with CameraMan that $30 per camera per month sounds about right.

      If I was in your position, I would want to carefully craft your contract and policies to minimize your liability. For example, if you were to somehow lose 90 days worth of recorded video, would you be liable for this, and if so, what would the the damages be worth?

      Also, how will the client get access to the recorded video; will you be providing some type of web interface so the client can do it himself, or will you search the video for events and provide recorded clips to the client? If it is the latter arrangement, you need to put a limit on the number of times that you will do this in any given month and/or charge extra for this service.

      Finally, will the installing dealer have access to the client's recorded video? The dealer may want this but the client may have other ideas. This is also something that should be addressed in your contract
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        Thanks to both of you for those useful replies. Sound advice
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