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    Originally posted by SIW Editor View Post
    I have actually been pressing a vendor or two on this topic for the last few months... I haven't received the article I want yet, but I'm told it's coming... I will post a link to it in the forums when it is finalized.

    Good luck bud... they will back peddle as they always do... as it will show that what they claim does not necessarily mean the reality.. I have been pressuring all my vendors and thus far, not taker... Simple logic dictates that MP camera with less than MP lens will not give you optimum result.. it gets even worse when someone starts using 2MP and higher rated cameras with just 1MP or less lenses... The only one that I know for a fact that showed me and confirmed this optimum combination was Panasonic on their newest 3MP camera and with 3MP lens.. and of course the price was out of most of everyone's budget. This explains fully that if someone is pushing for more than 1MP camera and does not provide true comparable lens, then the outcome is less than perfect.

    I understand that these companies have to sell and sell.. but would it be interesting if one of them, besides Panasonic, that can come forward and give us the real info?

    We can only hope and chances are very good that none of them will respond. This lead us to our own observations and ideas how this combo may or should work.


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      cctv forum is a good choice....
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        I buy all Computar Lens and I love them. I think they have great support and a great product. I use a lot ofgapixel and they just came out with the first 3 Megapixel lens!

        Here is a press release I just read....


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          CCTVForum---dealers only forum is a good choice. Being a professional distributor of cctv solutions which are perfect for home and small business. We guarantee the lowest price.


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            Check these out, some of them really quality and helpful content

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              Need your help and advice..

              Originally posted by CameraMan View Post
              No. I tested *every* lens I had on hand at the time (I was very bored), but I am only comparing apples to apples and oranges to same.
              Hi "Camera Man"
              We are a newbie here, and you seem to be a very knowledgeable and experienced in CCTV/Video Surveillance systems & installations. We really appreciate if you could give us some advice in this following thread:


              Thank you in advance..

              PS: where are you based in and what brand are you using mostly?
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