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    Obviously, we pay much more for really high-res video in a lot of ways, from cameras to bandwidth to storage.

    I'm wondering in a lot of sites whether it doesn't make $$ sense to install just one high-res camera capable of good facial capture and if so (on a general basis) what would be the considerations for placement, lighting, position, features like PTZ, frame rates, compression, recording options etc. Hope this isn't too general or too vague.
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    Ideally, you want to place it where most everyone will pass it. You want front lighting of the subject. This is one of the most difficult things, as most want to get a picture as people enter, which back lights the subject.

    PTZ is only good if you have a guard watching and using it. Even then, if you want to catch everyone coming through, I wouldn't use a PTZ. Invariably it will be pointed away from what you want to catch.

    You would want a minimum frame rate of ten, check out the frame rate demo. If you're going to use facial recognition software at some point, it's better if you record it jpeg of some sort, rather than mpeg4 or one of the schemes. But that does take a lot more space, as each image is a full snapshot.
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      If you want bang for buck, a still shot is going to get the job done. The good part about a still is nobody is going to move it so it's constantly recording a specific area where a PTZ can be moved so while it's "away" from a target area it's not going to catch it. However, if you would find good use of a PTZ in the same area you can use the PTZ for both.. I've done this in the past with entrances to retail places I was working LP. I'd leave the PTZ on the door watching people as they enter, and then move it to follow someone that caught my eye. If you have a high traffic area, I do recommend just getting a good wide angle camera that can handle changes in light. If lighting is an issue, remember to install lights either in front of a camera facing the same direction as the camera's view.. or at least 4 feet behind a camera in order to prevent glare in the shot. Definitely do not place the camera where it's looking into any sort of bright lights.. make sure you check the area 24 hrs worth to make sure lights can't be turned on that would then glare up your shot.