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Ideas for where to hide outdoor cameras on or near a garage

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    Originally posted by Darksat View Post
    Why not just get an alarm box for the garage and put the camera inside it, it acts as a deterrent and hides the camera as well. in fact most crims will walk up to the alarm and have a good look at it so you will really nail them.
    What do you mean by "alarm box"?
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      He probably means a panel box gutted. But wait... why gut it? Hook the darn thing up and use the alarm as a partitioned part of a current system. Run it wireless. DSC has good stuff that can be partitioned and I've used wireless devices w/o a problem just for a situation like yours.

      Are you trying to catch them? Heck, by now I'd have them in jail. when did you start this thread?

      You really want a camera system set up hidden? PM me and I'll tell you how to do it or make a unit for you if you can't. I don't want to post it here otherwise it won't be so secret would it?