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I'm looking for a good night time camera solution..

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  • I'm looking for a good night time camera solution..

    Hello all,
    I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for good day/night camera's, focusing on night time performance.
    My primary experiences with day/night camera's to date have been with Speco. I've used their high res. 540 lines IR Domes and also their Intensifier series. I've also played with a few older B/W camera's, with have any "ok" pic at night with some added light. I've tried adding speco's IR 300 to some camera's with not much luck.
    I'm starting to look at other manufacturers for a good solution. Any recommendations would be great.
    Thanks all,


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    How wide of an area do you need to see? What is the range? Is there any artificial lighting? What is your budget?
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      How wide of an area do you need to see? What is the range?

      I would have to say I'd like to be looking out to about 50ft. And have the option of a variable focus lens so I could change to viewing area if the customer wants that. But if having a variable focus lens will change the night time performance or the cost too severely then I would go with a fixed lens.

      Is there any artificial lighting?

      In some cases yes, there are street lights on all the time or a halogen deck light. In some other cases I have no. The house is located in the hills with no street lights or house lights. So I would need an options for either scenario here.

      What is your budget?

      I have no budget other that what would be affordable to a potential customer. And of course that will vary by customer.

      I am part owner of a low voltage contracting company. We specialize in quit a few fields in the low voltage world. We've worked with some basic camera systems in the past. I've recently been trained on the Speco DVR and Camera's, and have a few systems installed. I would like to start selling more surveillance systems but first I need to know about some better options. I.E. Better camera's for night time viewing. I'm not married to speco, I am vary open to other makes and models in various price points.
      As an installer I am thinking about training other techs, using the same or similar equipment for installs, keeping stock in house, and keeping good ordering volume from suppliers to keep cost down. So ideally I would like to pick out a line of DVR's and Camera's that I can stick with and use in almost any application a customer would request. Knowing that, please don't think I'm asking you guys to do my job for me. I'm just looking for information that will benefit my customers and my company.
      Thanks you all,


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        My camera brand of choice for 75% of my applications is Ganz, part of CBC Computar. I've been using them since 1991, when they were Konica. They're not the least expensive, but I rarely have failures compared to what I've seen with others, including bigger names. I've got a ton of FC06's from the early to mid 90's that won't fail so I can replace them with color.

        Ganz Security Solutions provides an extensive selection of intelligent security solutions serve virtually every industry requiring state-of-the-art video surveillance.

        I've not used their DVR's though.
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