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  • Poll: video analytics

    We're trying to get an anecdotal sense of how strong video analytics is today in terms of end-users and integrators adding this technology to their security portfolio. Got 10 seconds? Then answer our poll (you get to see results once you've responded):


    --BTW, feel free to discuss why/why not on this thread -- I would love to hear objective takes on this technology from people who have used it professionally or those who have chosen not to use it/offer it...

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    My company has installed quite a few differnet systems. When I first installed my first analytic system 10 years ago there were alot of false returns. Lately they have been getting pretty good. The main thing one has to think about when installing such systems is the requirements of the customer. Systems vary greatly on, not only, what the system is looking for, but, how the information is analyzed and displayed.

    A good example is the PTZ cameras with motion tracking. When they first came out I had many calls for them. After the systems were in place many customers actually did not like the feature and turned it off. New technology is constantly being upgraded and enhanced. As the new enhancements are incorporated into the mainstream we sometimes loose other features that are important for the customers requirements. Or, the enhancements are too complex and training intensive for them to be viable in the public market.


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      As the cost per feed comes down you will likely see more of a surge in video analytics. I am intrigued by some companies like MATE that are beginning to offer cost effective anti-tailgating offerings based on analytics.

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